Would you like to go
on a trip to nature?

You planned everything and cleaned the car a day early so that the trip was really enjoyable. Your car shines like new. Cushions smell fresh. You have vacuumed the floor mats. So far, so good.

You have woken up in hopes to be greeted by the sun...
but instead you see a cloudy sky. You look through the window and see a pile of mud outside. Your hair stands on end.

You breathe a sigh of relief as the weather forecaster assures that there’s still some hope and the sun will shine bright today. Your whole family slips into their wellies and gets into the car.
On the way back, you take a look at your floor mats and suddenly feel like crying.

The floor of your car looks as if you have never spent hours cleaning it.

Car in Nature Jorge Salvador
There has not been much choice until now

Velour mats absorb dirt, which is why they are difficult to clean. Even if you manage to clean them completely, there is rather a small chance that they would ever look like new.

With rubber mats, the dirt often stays outside the mat - on the floor. And even if they are easier to clean, during the hot season the toxic smell of theirs may really ruin the day.
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Dywanik gumowy
We found a way out

Ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) is a new generation copolymer that resembles a hard foam and is widely adopted and used in shoe manufacturing, as in the case of the German shoe brand Birkenstock.

The material is robust and known for many other advantages that have encouraged us to bring EVA Mats to the market. We adopted this concept from the East and were the first to market it in the EU.

So here go the other advantages!

You can enjoy your EVA Mats for years, because the material is strong and wear-resistant. They can be pulled out of the car without any problems because they are super light. They can also be put back in quickly, because they are elastic.

EVA is waterproof, so you shouldn't worry about your floor mats getting soaked because of water, snow or mud. Unlike rubber, EVA is also known for being non-toxic, hypoallergenic and odourless.
The material is resistant to low and high temperatures, from -50°C to +50°C. EVA Mats serve their purpose all year round, as they neither leak in winter nor emit odours in summer.

We keep our promises and back up our words with facts - our customers receive an official 12-month warranty.
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Standard floor mats do not cover the entire floor of your vehicle

That's why we are doing our best to exceed your expectations. We have our own templates which allow us to sell the customised floor mats for every car available on the market. How is that even possible?

We work every day to measure all existing car models with our own hands. We pay attention to all the details and special characteristics depending on the car model. This level of engagement and obsession with the details allows EVA Mats cover up to 99% of the floor area and successfully protect your car from liquids and dirt.
Each mat comes with plastic stoppers or velcro straps to keep it firmly in place.

Unique technology that enables 750 cells to hold any kind of dirt

The cells covering each of the mats are like little containers that collect and store all the dirt, dust and liqud until it is knocked out by hand or rinsed with water.

The EVA floor mats can store up to two litres of liquids without the risk of spilling the liquid inside the car cabin and getting your car floor wet as a result.
Standard floor mats are typically black. We offer you a choice
You can choose between:

  • 2 Cell Shapes
  • 15 Colours of the Mat
  • 17 Colours of the Edging

That means there are around 250 unique combinations to choose from. Combinations that underline your style every kilometre you drive.

We are flexible for you

With us, you do not need to order the whole set. As a manufacturer, we offer you the option of ordering either 1 tunnel mat for Audi A1 or 300 trunk mats for Mercedes-Benz C-Class - just as an example. We would like to offer and produce every order, because you are important to us.
Most car mats available online are of poor quality

Our EVA floor mats are made by ourselves in Poland. Our production plant is located in Warsaw. Cutting, sewing, 3D profiling - we are responsible for every detail, which is so important.

We do our best to ensure you get the best quality car mats possible. As a result, every day we are blessed with positive feedback and 5 star reviews we receive from our customers..

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